by Fred Lowery

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Unlocking the DaVinci Code (1 of 2)
Series: DaVinci Code
Dr. Fred Lowery

The book, The DaVinci Code, has broken publishing history. This book has sold at least 45 million copies. I have heard a couple of reports that rate it as high as 60 million copies worldwide. No other fiction book has ever done that in all of history. It's dominated the New York Times Best Seller Lists for over one hundred and fifty weeks and now it's a full length motion picture. I want you to understand that while the DaVinci Code is a block buster book, it is a major motion picture with Tom Hanks, you also need to understand that it overtly attacks the bible. It under minds the church, and it flatly denies the deity of Jesus Christ. You need to know that. But here's what makes it so dangerous. This is what I want you to understand. I want you to understand that it is a thrilling, intriguing mystery book if you like mystery books. I enjoyed reading it because I like that. I'm a "24" guy. I'm on the Mission Impossible and the edge. I love an intriguing book and it is that. So you have an intriguing murder mystery that claims to be based on historical and religious facts, but yet those so called facts tear at the very heart of Christianity. Here's what I believe: I believe the DaVinci Code is a deliberate attempt to deceive. I think that Mr. Brown knew what he was doing. I think you see that on the very first page of this book. When you look at this book and the first thing you turn to, the title page, would be "The DaVinci Code", a novel, and if you notice a novel is hard to read. I can barely read it where I am. You can't read it at all out there. It's in reverse white, very difficult to read.

But then he has another title page that most people would only turn to that just says "The DaVinci Code". There is nothing about a novel. Then on the very next page you see in bold, black letters the word fact. That in itself is a hint to ...

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