by Steve Wagers

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Going Out in a Blaze of Glory! (9 of 16)
Series: Church the Way It Was Meant to Be
A Closer Look at the Book: ACTS
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Acts 9:32-12

Sermon Outline
1. The Power God Released through Peter!
A) The Helpless were Restored
B) The Lifeless were Resurrected
2. The Principle God Revealed to Peter!
A) Human Barriers Fell Down
B) Heavenly Blessings Came Down
1) The Unchanged Message of the Savior
2) The Unchallenged Ministry of the Spirit
3. The Persecution God Reversed for Peter!
A) The Faithful Progress by the Church
B) The Fervent Prayer of the Church
1) They were Serious about It
2) They were Specific in It
3) They were Surprised by It

I believe that one of the saddest plights that could befall us is to not leave a lasting legacy behind us. It would be sad for a church to suddenly disappear and not be missed by their community. It would be sad for a Christian to die and not leave behind a lasting identity of legacy.

An unknown author wrote:

"There was a very cautious man
Who never laughed or played.
He never risked, he never tried,
He never sang or prayed.
And when one day he passed away
His insurance was denied.
For since he never really lived.
They claimed he never died!"

As we come to this section of the book of Acts, we are privileged to one more look at the life and ministry of Peter. His is a life and ministry that will never, and can never be forgotten.

This is a transition section in the book of Acts. In chapters 9-12, Luke brings to a close the story of Peter and significant part he played in the early church.

He preached the great message at Pentecost, and now he begins the next great development of the church: the movement of the gospel to the Gentiles, in which Paul would become the leading character. Thus, after Acts 12, the spotlight moves from the ministry of Peter to the ministry of Paul.

The last we saw of Peter was back in Acts 8. He was returning to ...

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