by Steve Wagers

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Series: Church the Way It Was Meant to Be
A Closer Look at the Book: ACTS
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Acts 1
July 1, 2007

Sermon Outline
1. An Unmatched Foundation!
A) His Convincing Presence
B) His Confirming Power
2. An Unequaled Education!
A) The Rule of His Government
B) The Resource of His Grace
C) The Return of His Glory
3. An Unsurpassed Initiation!
A) A Holy Place
B) A Hungry People
C) A Honorable Purpose
1) Continue in the Work of God
2) Commit to the Will of God

Thomas J. Altizer, William Hamilton, and Paul Van Buren spawned a theological thunderstorm several years ago when they declared, "God is dead!" In the midst of the debates, which headlined national news magazines and polarized theological institutions, one church put this message on their outdoor sign: "God is alive and well, visiting hours every Sunday!"

If any document ever affirmed God is alive and well, it is the book of Acts. From Pentecostal fire in Jerusalem to unhindered gospel proclamation in a Roman prison, Acts unfolds the exciting story of God working to take the gospel message of salvation to the ends of the earth.

The book of Acts is not so much a volume of theology, but the 1st volume of church history. It is called the "Acts of the Apostles." In other words, it is book filled with the acts, events or happenings of the early church.

However, it does communicate the fundamental, doctrinal truths of the church. It teaches that salvation is available through Jesus Christ alone. It teaches the work of the Holy Spirit, who is mentioned more than 50 times. He regenerates, baptizes, fills and sanctifies believers.

Donald Guthrie explains it well, "The importance of the book of Acts is in its preservation of the main doctrinal themes presented in apostolic preaching, even if there is no evidence of an attempt to develop a systematic theology." [1]

The author of the ...

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