by Fred Lowery

Deaconology 101
Dr. Fred Lowery
Luke 10:20-27; Matthew 20:28
September 12, 2007

Tonight's a special time because we are going to ordain deacons and I wanted to just talk about deacons before we ordained deacons. I want to begin by saying that probably no pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention has more encouraging deacons than this pastor does. The deacons are blessing to me. They are a constant encouragement to me. They are my prayer partners. So many times they have gathered around me and prayed about something specifically going on in my own life or need that I had. I would say that probably 99% of Southern Baptist pastors don't have those kind of deacons and that's sad because deacons can be one the greatest and blessings to a church or they can be one of the greatest problems. And unfortunately Southern Baptist churches across the country so many of them are dead and getting deader and one of the reasons is committees and deacons that want to fuss and fight and control and not do what God tells us to do and that's sad. Because those same things could be a great blessing to a church and help a church move forward. So I just thank God and you be thankful as a church that you have deacons who want to be servants to the living God. They want to serve God, they want to serve this church, they want to serve the widows, they want to serve the staff and they want to do anything that they can. So I thank God for our deacons and we've got a good group coming on. We get the privilege to ordain some tonight and then we have some who have been deacons before who are coming back to serve. As I told them in the deacons meeting Monday night I'm so glad that deacons, you know they serve three years and then they go off, and you some do that and say phew, I've got that done and you know I've been a deacon got a T-shirt and not going back. But thank God that we have some men that are willing to come back and keep on helping us. Because we need that help, ...

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