by Fred Lowery

What are you willing to do to Bring your friends to Jesus
Dr. Fred Lowery
Mark 2:1-12; Leviticus 24:14
September 16, 2007

Thank you for this good music this morning. In your program you saw one of these little cards U 2. You plus a friend equals U 2 and I'll mention it again in the message but we want you to begin to think about your friends because if people come to Christ they normally come because a friend invites them. Invest and invited. Invest in peoples lives, build relationships, and bring them to church with you. It also says "starts next Sunday" I Know it's really Sunday week. So, just have that in your mind as we begin this new series. It was in the opening game with Buffalo. Their season opener against the Denver Broncos and it was the beginning of the second half when Kevin Everett ducked his head and hit the shoulder of a Denver Bronco. The initial report was that he would be paralyzed perhaps permanently and never walk again. What devastating thing to happen and it happens fairly often in sports like football. In fact there are two hundred and fifty thousand people who have spinal cord injuries in America right now. But one of the interesting things about this story is that almost immediately the report changed to cautious optimism that perhaps this person would walk and the reason an experimental thing. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital they injected into his veins a saline solution that was cold. It's actually like putting a cold pack over the spinal cord. Just an experimental thing that they tried and it's amazing what has happened up to this point because he is moving everything but his arms up until now. Of course we would pray for that family. What I want to talk to you this morning is about a man who was permanently totally paralyzed and yet received a miracle in his life. I know you well enough to know that you want your friends to come to Christ and I believe that, I know you do but the question is what are ...

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