by Fred Lowery

The Lord's Supper
Dr. Fred Lowery
1 Peter 2:24; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Corinthians 11:28-29

Today we are coming to the Lord's Table and the Lord's Supper takes us back at least three thousand years. Back to the land of Egypt. You remember that incredible story in God's word to that event known as the Jewish Passover. God instructed Moses, remember, to go to Pharaoh and to say to Pharaoh, "Let God's people go." Pharaoh said what? No. God said how do you like frogs? How do you like flies? Now when we talk about the plagues you read the Bible there in Exodus and you'll find that the flies just, not just swarms of flies but the houses were full of flies. The ground was covered with flies. Then came the plague of gnats and not just a few gnats around but it says, are you listening to me, it says the dust became gnats. Now think about that, it's a little gross but think about that. And he still doesn't repent. He still doesn't do what God has commanded him to do. So they kept having the plagues, they got worse, the boils, and the locusts, nine of those plagues and finally they got to the tenth plague. This was a last ditch effort and Moses told Pharaoh if you don't let God's people go here's what's going to happen. The first born of each family, beginning with the Pharaoh will die.

The death angel, the angel of the Lord is going to pass over and take the first born child. But now for the Jewish families they were instructed to put blood on the door posts - the top and the sides. When the angel of the Lord, this could have been the preincarnate Christ who is the angel of the Lord in the Old Testament. But when the angel of death came and would see the blood the death angel would pass over. That family would be spared but those Egyptian homes, no blood and that child was taken and the Bible says wailing was heard everywhere. Even in the house of Pharaoh. That finally broke Pharaoh and he relented and released the Jewish people; in fact h ...

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