by Fred Lowery

The Model for Chariot Chasers
Dr. Fred Lowery
September 9, 2007

ACT 8:29 The Spirit told Philip, "Go to that chariot and stay near it." [NIV]
Chase that chariot and when you catch it, let that person catch Jesus from you.
e.g. Resurrection is greatest miracle
e.g. Cripples healed -- evil spirits cast out
e.g. Samaria: miracles -- stop chasing miracles and start chasing chariots.
If it is the will of God for us to chase chariots and if we refuse to chase chariots we stand in direct opposition to the will of God.

If the word of God commands us to chase chariots and we refuse to do it, we stand in opposition to the word of God.

If it is the way of God for us to evangelize by chasing chariots and we refuse, we stand in opposition to the way of God.
Summary: To refuse to chase chariots, we stand in direct opposition to the will of God, the word of God and the way of God.
Why is it so important?

Everybody either has Jesus in their life or needs Jesus in their life. Let me take that a step further: Those who need Jesus really want Jesus, but don't know it yet.
People without Jesus want three basic things: 1. Significance 2. Satisfaction 3. Security. What they have yet to realize is that the only way they will find significance, satisfaction and security is in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
We assume that the people in the passing chariots are saved, but they are not. Even religious people -- church people -- may not be saved. So the safe thing is to assume that all people are lost and let them tell us and show us otherwise.
People in this very room who want significance, satisfaction and security, but you know you don't have it.
End of message: Invitation for you.
Jesus is our master, our message, and our model. Jesus commanded us to chase passing chariots, but He also modeled chasing chariots.
Today, we will look at Jesus chasing a religious chariot and a racial chariot. He p ...

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