by Daniel Rodgers

Who or What Has First Place in Your Life?
Dan Rodgers
Mark 10:17-22
August 19, 2007

INTRODUCTION: In this passage before us, we have the story of the rich, young ruler (he is referred to as a ruler in Luke's account of the same story). Obviously, this young man was troubled about his soul because he asked the Lord what he would have to do to inherit eternal life (vs. 17). By the way, every man and woman ought to be concerned about their soul and eternal life. Believe it or not, this life is not all there is. Some people may act like it, but there is far more beyond what we experience here, on earth.
The thing I want to point out from this story is that this man's treasure had so controlled him that even the Lord's offer of eternal life did not persuade him nor did it change his mind. There is no record in the Bible or in the other gospel accounts, that he ever gave his heart to Christ.

Now here's the thought this morning: "Who Has First Place in Your Life?" And we are not just talking about salvation and whether or not you are part of the Lord's family (though we will discuss that); this message reaches beyond the question of a person's relationship with God. I want talk about the things that control us—the things that claim all of our time, our energy, our focus. You may say, "Well, I think I'm in pretty good shape in that department. I live a well-balanced life—my priorities are in the right place; I serve the Lord, I take care of my family, I work hard, and do find a little time for some of the pleasurable things of life."

Sounds pretty good to me; however, if you were to stand back and take a good, honest look at everything in your life, would you be able to come up with the same answer? And more importantly, what kind of grade would you receive from God?

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