by Daniel Rodgers

Noah's Ark Had No Rudder
Daniel Rodgers
Hebrews 11:7

ILLUS: Quite a few years ago, I heard about a man who set out to build his own sailboat in his backyard. He worked diligently on the boat. He worked after hours when he was off work from his day job and most weekends. After several months, the boat began to take shape. People in the community begin to take interest in the sailboat and in their neighbor who had proven to be quite the craftsman.

All went well, until one day, someone asked him how he was going to get the boat to the ocean. The poor man had never given a thought about how he planned to get his prize sailboat to the ocean. His boat was too big to be moved down a public street. The backyard shipbuilder had thought about everything, except this! Folks in the community thought it rather humorous that a man would go to all the trouble to build a sailboat and never stop to think of how he was going to transport it to the water.

It looked as if the sailboat would never get the opportunity to prove itself seaworthy...that is, until
the right people happened to be watching an evening newscast, telling of the man's predicament. Someone in the department of the Navy heard about the man's problem and offered to help. The Navy contacted the man and offered to airlift the boat with one of their giant helicopters.

The story made big news! Everyone turned out to see the boat lowered into the water. People cheered and applauded, as the captain took the wheel for the first time.

INTRODUCTION: We all know the story of Noah. He, too, built a boat in his backyard. And just like the man in the story before us, Noah's boat was nowhere near the water...but differently than our first story, God would bring the water to Noah. That would be a story for the evening news, wouldn't it?

The Bible records many interesting facts about the construction of the Ark. According to Genesis 6, it was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet deep. It was made of gophe ...

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