by Daniel Rodgers

The Instructing Hand of God
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 32:7-9
August 26, 2007

INTRODUCTION: Psalm 32 is a Psalm of David, as are the large majority of the Psalms. David wrote from a position of experience. He knew what it was like to experience life at its best and at its worst--to be in the will of God and to be out of the will of God--to suffer pain and to know the healing power of the Lord.

I have selected these three verses from the Psalm in order to convey three different ideas about the "Instructing Hand of God."

I. A Place to Hide
II. A Time of Instruction
III. A Word of Advice


A. It is a special place

1. David said, "Thou art my hiding place." God
was his hiding place -- He would preserve him from trouble." Two things:

a. He will hide us in time of trouble. In
Psalm 27:5, it says, For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock. Aren't you glad you have a place to go when trouble comes your way?

b. He will hide us from the pain of sin (vs. 5)

1. Psalm 32 calls our attention to Psalm 51 and David's confession of sin. Aren't you glad there is forgiveness for sin? Sometimes our sin is so great (like David's) that we need a place to hide our hurt. We may have been forgiven, but the pain and remembrance is still there. Let me just say, no one understands us better than God. It's good to be able to hide in Him.

B. It is a spiritual place

1. When we come to God with our needs,
whatever they may be, and we rest in Him, that place becomes a sacred place of closeness and worship. Notice the last part of (vs. 7), "Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance." There are two thoughts that come to mind.

Number one: God speaks to us in the quietness of dark hours. We may not hear an audible sound, but there is a "song in the night" that comes from heaven—we sense it, we fe ...

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