by Stan Coffey

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The Miracle of The Empty Vessels (1 of 7)
Summer of Miracles
Stan Coffey

Today I begin a brand new series on A Summer Of Miracles. In our church, we don't want to have a summer slump, we want to have a summer jump. We want to see the mighty hand of God upon us and have the mighty provision of God to us, because what we are about is winning people to Jesus Christ. If we are to win people to Jesus Christ, then we need to take advantage of all the opportunities we have to preach the gospel to others and give people an opportunity to respond and to accept Jesus as Saviour.

I know you may want a miracle in your life. There may be a miracle you are praying for. I pray during this time in the summer that if we talk about these different miracles that God did, that God will do that miracle that He wants to do in your life.

I heard about a bus carrying only ugly people. It crashes in a bus accident. When they go to meet their maker, He says, "Well, because of the grief you've experienced, I'm going to give you one wish." They are all lined up and there is a lady first in line and she said, "My wish is to be gorgeous." The Lord just snaps His finger and she's gorgeous.

The second one comes up and she says, "I want to be gorgeous too," and the Lord grants her favor and gives her the wish and she becomes gorgeous too. So even the men in the line wanted to be gorgeous.

Now, a man in the back of the line began to laugh. He laughed so hard that he began to fall on the floor and roll with laughter. He was last in line and the Lord said, "What is your wish?" He said, "That you turn them all back the same way they were."

Well, we want God to do a miracle. We want to God to do a work in hearts and lives.

Do you ever wander what a president or someone is thinking when they greet someone in a receiving line? Well, I read about Franklin Roosevelt who was president of this country and he got really tired and bored of being in a receiving line and gr ...

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