by Fred Lowery

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Chasing Chariots (2 of 2)
Chasing Chariots
Dr. Fred Lowery
August 26th, 2007
Acts 8:29; Acts 1:8; Acts 18:9

Thank you Gina, I'm telling you if we lived out that song it would touch Bossier. People would be saved by the thousands. Because we in theory as a church we are not ashamed of the gospel and we proclaim it in the safety of this room and we preach it boldly but what really happens that makes a difference is what happens when you walk out those doors. Out there in the world we all of a sudden become ashamed of the gospel. Question: did you see any passing chariots this week? Anybody see any passing chariots? All right some of you didn't get out at all did you? Did you catch any passing chariots? I know some did because you've already shared with me those exciting stories. Acts 8:29, the spirit told Philip, go to that chariot and stay near it. Just be ready because you are going to get an opportunity to share the gospel. That's what God is saying to you. Go to those secular friends, go to those lost neighbors and hang out. Just get ready because I am working in their lives and I am going to give you the opportunity. Philip ran toward the chariot and you know historians tell us the first great church was not in Jerusalem or Europe or Asia. It was in Africa and how did it start? One deacon who was unselfishly obedient to God and chased down a chariot to find one man. Remember he left a great revival in Samaria but God says go to that one person because God was working on the other end of the equation. He goes and he leads that Ethiopian eunuch to Christ and then all kind of things happen as a result of that one decision. Last Sunday we talked about the fact that God wants you and me to be watching for passing chariots and to catch those chariots so that they in turn can catch Jesus from us. We are to be sermons in shoes and in response last Sunday, hundreds of you made a commitment to be watching for those passing chariots. I want you ...

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