by Duane Bemis

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Tools for Healing (2 of 3)
Pornography, the Plague of Darkness
Duane Lee Bemis

My Personal Deliverance

The Lord told me to face my personal Goliath (Pornography) and He said we must confront him face-to-face. Let us re-look at the story of David and Goliath. The story of David vs. Goliath will be one of the most fascinating and powerful adventures, through God's holy word, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as our personal teacher that you and I will ever experience. There is such a need in the church for men and women of faith to confront their own personal Goliath and then to help America take the enemy by storm. Are you ready to travel with me through this teaching sent from the throne of heaven? This teaching helped deliver me from the addiction to pornography. Hold on to your hat and put on your seat belt as we embark on this journey of epic proportions.

Let us begin with a word of prayer: ''Father of hope, power and mercy we call upon You to guide and direct our hearts in this effort to conquer the evil empire of pornography. This is our modern plague of darkness that has been sent out to destroy all in its path. This is our modern age Goliath that stands in the way of us being holy as You are holy. Forgive me and forgive the reader for our ignorance in how pornography is destroying lives, families, and our Churches. Release our hearts and our minds to be opened and let learn how to bring this giant down in defeat. Who am I to think that You are so little, expand my thinking to encompass the big-ness of who You really are? Open my heart to understand the evils of this media of lust, fantasies, and then open the heart of the reader to go beyond his or her own understanding. Lord, give us the bigger picture from Your perspective. We welcome the teacher, the Holy Spirit, to come and demonstrate the power of God to change our hearts for better. We call on Heaven to send holy fire, the refiner's fire of purification, as You prepare us to be a livin ...

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