by Duane Bemis

My Circle Plan - Almighty Wireless Plan - Are You in the Circle?
Duane Bemis
June 2007

The Wireless Plan

Almighty Wireless has written a wireless plan that is better than any other. Almighty God's plan is so big and powerful that He has a monopoly over all other wireless networks.
• Almighty's Wireless plan has more options then Alltel.
• Better National as well as Worldwide plan than Sprint.
• Superior Network of Angels than ATT.
• Better reception than Verizon.

Our Technology

Almighty Wireless technology far surpasses anything that any other religion, and any other denomination, or any other private company has to offer. "My Circle" family plan that is offered by Almighty God even comes with a protection plan that includes His divine intervention. His plan has a promise that no other plan offers, and that is "NO DROPPED CALLS." Our plan has workers we call Angels all over the world. Our Angels do not need satellites, wires, or even cell phones. Our team works in the deeps of the oceans and even the most outer parts of space. Our team is available in all the storms and problems of life.
• No matter where you are in the world God's network works.
• From the jungles in Viet Nam to the deserts in Iraq there have never been any dropped calls and there never will be any dropped calls.
• Almighty's "My Circle Plan" has never failed to connect.

Are You in The Circle?

But one must be in Almighty's circle of friends or family; otherwise, you will have no connection. Many companies ask you to join the nation's largest network so that you will buy their plan. God's plan not only works in America, but also throughout the world.
• Are you in Almighty God's plan?
• Are you in the circle?

Risk-Free Trial Option

Our risk-free trial option is yours for the asking. The risk-free plan comes for 90 days, and if you are not completely satisfied just unsubscribe and Almighty Wireless will cancel your plan. Some wireless plans offer unlimited ta ...

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