by Fred Lowery

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Chasing Chariots (1 of 2)
Chasing Chariots
Dr. Fred Lowery
August 19, 2007
Acts 8:29-30; Acts 20:24; 1 Peter 3:15; Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19; Acts 8:26-39; Acts 18:9

We were in Holly Springs, Mississippi several years ago that's where I found my beautiful wife. That was not the reason I was in town but I was there to preach. She was Presbyterian, but in that town the town is so small that all the Christians went to whatever church something was happening, they all went, revivals or whatever. Leigh and her family came to the revival at the Baptist church, I'm preaching in this First Baptist Church Holly Springs it's all the antebellum homes there and so much history and so much formality, tradition and you know I'm not in to formality. So I was there and I was preaching and it had the smallest platform I think I've ever preached on. It was just really small. There was no where to walk, I walk a lot and there was no where to walk. I could walk this far and there were offering plates like this high and I'd hit those offering plates and I'd walk to this side and I'd hit those offering plates over here. That was bothering me and I was looking out there at the crowd and it was just a fair crowd -- the building wasn't full and people were doing the normal Baptist thing. They were filling in the os in the bulletin and you know looking around the room and so all of a sudden I just moved back and I kicked those offering plates. It was high platform and they fell off that platform, hit the floor, quarters rolled everywhere. It was a Baptist church. But the interesting thing is the next night they packed that place out, balcony and all. They came to see what I was going to kick. But we saw Jesus stir up that church that week. At the end of that week a man who was the chairman of the deacons in his sixties, I'm sure he is in heaven now. He came up to me and he was one who was trained to be a counselor and he came to me and he said you know I have been a l ...

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