by Dennis Marquardt

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What Bad Attitude? (7 of 7)
The 7 Questions of the Backslider Series - Malachi
Dennis Marquardt
Malachi 3:13-18; Psalm 73:1-28

INTRO: Attitude is the single biggest controllable thing in our life that will make a huge difference in the quality of our life on a daily basis, and therefore affect a whole lifetime. YET ... most of us hardly think about it as that important, or we joke about it or dismiss it lightly.

It is clear however that attitude affects everything about us, and it directs the kind of responses we give to others in our life. It quite literally controls the quality of our life in so many ways, and often affects the quality of life for those who love us and are near to us!

ILLUS: On May 21, 1941 the unsinkable German battleship the "Bismark" was sighted in the North Atlantic. Immediately planes and ships from the Royal British Navy sped to the scene and quickly took a few shots but the Bismark seemed to outrun them. As the Bismark headed toward the German controlled Fresh coast where it would be safe from attack a strange scene suddenly erupted. To the astonishment of all the massive battleships of the Royal Navy the Bismark suddenly swung around and re-entered the area where the British ships were massed in greatest strength! At the same time the Bismark turned toward the British ships it also seemed to wander around is a zigzag fashion erratically. This made the Bismark an easy target for the Royal Navy and they were able to successfully sink the "unsinkable" ship. What had happened? The Bismark apparently had its rudder hit by an early launched small torpedo and so the ship could not be controlled or guided. Without a working rudder it could only meander aimlessly and was now weak and easily targeted. Our attitude is our rudder, and it also can make a huge difference if it is working properly! -- Copied, Source - Unknown

So why do we dismiss this area of life as minor so often? Most of the time we justify our bad attitu ...

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