by Dennis Marquardt

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What Difference Does It Make Serving God? (4 of 7)
The 7 Questions of the Backslider Series - Malachi
Dennis Marquardt
Malachi 2:17-3:5

INTRO: The world is full of injustice ... and sometimes this makes us feel like it doesn't really matter how good we live, especially since those who do evil seem to get away with evil unpunished.

Does it make a difference how we live? Will those who do evil always get away with their sin? Will there ever be a time when everyone will be judged properly?

It DOES MAKE a difference how we live ... and there will come a time when this will be very clear even if it doesn't happen always now!

We would all love justice in the here and now, if only everything was like this:

ILLUS: Wouldn't it be nice if this was the kind of justice that always happened, consider these true stories:
Like a woman from Prague in the Czech Republic. She had discovered that her husband had been cheating on her, and feeling like he was getting away with this while she only suffered she decided to jump out a window and commit suicide. She jumped and would have died from the 3 story fall but she landed on a man down below and his body broke her fall and she was ok, unfortunately it killed the man -- who was the man, it just happened to be her cheating husband!
Or like the man who was a suspected drug dealer. The police could never seem to catch him. One day the man called one of his dealers who owed him for a drug deal they had made and the man was late paying him, but accidentally he had dialed the wrong number ... he ended up getting the police station by accident and they played along and an undercover cop met the suspected drug dealer where he had been told to meet ... the police man met him with open arms ... and handcuffs, they were able to arrest him with evidence in hand and firearm possession.
Or like the bank robber that tried robbing a bank in Buffalo, NY a few years ago. He stepped up to the teller and said, "This is a ...

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