by Dennis Marquardt

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Why Don't You Answer My Prayers? (3 of 7)
The 7 Questions of the Backslider Series - Malachi
Dennis Marquardt
Malachi 2:10-16; I Peter 3:7

INTRO: Bring up the subject of divorce today and people get nervous. The tragedy of a broken marriage however can have severe impact on our children, our culture, and our faith. Marriage is a sacred relationship, not a secular one! We need to understand it as such, and the world needs to see it as such. The world's attitude toward marriage is NOTHING like the Christian's view!

ILLUS: Two men were talking about the upcoming wedding for one of them. The engaged one says to his friend, "You know, it's odd, but now that I'm actually engaged I'm starting to feel nervous about getting married." His buddy responds, "I know what you're saying, it's only natural to be nervous, marriage is a big commitment, 7 or 8 years can be a long time!" -- Unknown

The most fundamental relationship created by God outside of our relationship with Him is our relationship to our spouse. So critical is a right relationship in marriage that an improper relationship with a spouse can actually hinder our prayers!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches that our marriage must be healthy for our spiritual life to be healthy. One affects the other!


A. People Mal. 2:10
1. The problem of divorce was common in Malachi's day ... as in our own!
a. It had become more of a civil institution than a sacred one ... and when this happened it wasn't taken seriously.
b. We face this same problem today!
2. Once it is NOT viewed as sacred then the door opens for experimenting with it.
a. As in our culture today, people will often live together first to see if it "works" for them.
b. Yet any deviation from God's plans for marriage will always be less than ideal!

ILLUS: According to an article by Felicity Barringer of the New York Times, trial marriages do not increase the chance of a marri ...

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