by Roger Thomas

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Spiritual Trailblazers (5 of 10)
Through the Bible
Roger Thomas
2 Chronicles 7:12-22

Introduction: You have all seen it in the movies. Maybe you have been there yourself when hunting or hiking in the woods. The scout or leader of a party traveling in the woods or jungle blazes the trail. That can mean a couple of things. First, the leader cuts a trail that can be followed if the underbrush is particularly dense. He may also mark the trail by leaving signs that show which we way to go. In some cases, this trailblazing can have an added benefit. It can also show the scout or leader the way back if he happens to get lost or disoriented.

I recently saw a Discovery Channel show on cave explorers. These rugged hikers would go miles underground into caverns that have never been explored or mapped. Sometimes they would use scuba gear to go underwater for great distances before finding another open passage. But there was one constant among these brave spelunkers. They always trailed a rope or strong cord behind so that they could find their way back to the surface.

Tonight I want to examine 2 Chronicles 7:14, perhaps the most quoted passage of the entire book. I want to look at it as an example of ''spiritual trailblazing.'' This single verse in its context provide a lasting reminder of how to find our way back to God when we have gotten lost in a spiritual wilderness.

7:14 summarizes principles found throughout this historical record. First, let's place the verse in its context, then examine its contents.

Context: 2 Chronicles, our next book in our Journey through the Bible, is the story of spiritual trailblazers. The thirty-six chapters tell or chronicle the histories of twenty-one kings of Judah, the southern portion of the once great nation of Israel. The first nine chapters chronicle the life of Solomon, the son who succeeded David and built the temple to the Lord. The remaining chapters record the lives of twenty other kings of Judah, nine good and ...

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