by Roger Thomas

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Joshua: The Secret of Your Success (7 of 10)
Through the Bible Series
Roger Thomas
Joshua 1:1-9
March 24, 2002

Introduction: Everyone wants to succeed. No one in their right mind ever set out to fail—those kids in the commercials not withstanding. You have all seen the award-winning commercials. Ten or eleven year old children are pictured in black and white standing in front of some familiar setting. "When I grow up I want to be stuck in middle management." "When I grow up I want to spend all my time filing." "When I grow up I want to be forced into earlier retirement." "When I grow up I want to be mediocre." "When I grow up I want to declare bankruptcy." "When I grow up I want to be passed over for a promotion."

The commercials are striking because they are so contradictory to everything we think or believe. No one sets out to fail. Everyone wants to succeed—including you.

Did you catch the references to success in those early verses if Joshua. "Do not turn from the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go" (Vs 7). Or "Then you will be prosperous and successful" (Vs 8). To be fully understood, those concepts need to be read in their context—which brings us to our fifth book in our journey through the Bible.

Joshua, the man, was the appointed successor of Moses. He was one of only two faithful Hebrews who survived the forty years in the wilderness and was allowed to experience the fulfillment of God's promises. Joshua stands out as a man of faith, family, and fortitude. Courage is the by-word of the book. "Be strong and courageous" is the repeated call.
General Douglas MacArthur once listed Joshua among the truly great generals of world history. President Teddy Roosevelt often said the book of Joshua was his favorite book of the Bible, and he often referred to Joshua in his speeches.

Joshua the book is the beginning of what we term the historical books of the Old Testament. This sec ...

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