by Roger Thomas

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Exodus: What Is God up To? (3 of 10)
Series: Through the Bible
Roger Thomas
Exodus 3:1-15

Introduction: Exodus, the second book of the Bible, is one of the most important. Without understanding the main events of this book, you cannot understand much of what follows, including much of what happens in the New Testament. In a sense, Exodus marks the beginning of the Bible story proper. Genesis is like an introduction or preface. The first book sets the stage and the background. This second book begins the main story line that continues until the final chapter.

The story of Exodus is the story of how God made a people through whom he would bless the entire world including you and me. All that went before was preparations for this process. All that follows is the fulfillment of that plan. It is the plan of redemption that the Lord of Glory has been unfolding until this very day. Like all of the Old Testament, Exodus is ultimately a pre-revelation of Christ. To be understood fully, it must be read "backwards" through the eyes of the New Testament fulfillment in Jesus.

Exodus, which means "a going forth," was so called because its primary focus is Israel's departure from Egypt and the incidents that immediately preceded and followed that memorable event. The book divides into three main sections: 1-6, 7-18, 19-40. The first focuses on the call of Moses; the second on the deliverance of the Hebrew people from Egyptian bondage; the third on the covenant between YHWH and his people at Mt. Sinai which we refer to in shorthand as the Ten Commandments. The last fifteen chapters detail the plans for and building of the Tabernacle. The book concludes with the glory of the Lord coming upon that Tabernacle as a sign and symbol of his presence with Israel.

Exodus answers the question: what in the world is God up to? It explains what God was doing while his people were suffering in slavery. It tells what He was going to do to rescue them. In so doi ...

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