by Roger Thomas

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The Whole Bible in 30 Minutes (1 of 10)
Through The Bible Series
Roger Thomas
Ephesians 1:4-10; Luke 24:27
January 13, 2002

Introduction: My purpose tonight is simple. I want to begin a process that will take us all this year and beyond on Sunday evenings. Over the next dozen months plus, we will work our way through the Bible—one book at a time. In some cases, I will overview the significant themes of a book. In other cases, I will examine a representative passage and set it against the context of the particular book.

I want to accomplish a number of aims through this effort. I know that even here (as impressive as the dedication to the Bible is) our knowledge of the Bible is not nearly what it ought to be or probably what it once was a generation ago. Television, movies, and all of the modern distractions of life have left many of us far short in the Bible knowledge department from where are parents or grandparents were. I want to remedy a bit of that.

But Bible study ought always lead us to a greater love for God. It is never just an academic pursuit. It is not Bible trivia that we are after or even a greater grasp of Bible facts—but a stronger faith in the Bible's God.

Bible knowledge ought to lead us to a greater passion for the Gospel—for the Christ of the Bible and all that he has done for us. I want to show you again and again how Christ is the common theme that ties all of the Bible together from Genesis to Revelation. If we miss that we miss everything. This is why I read the two verses I did a few moments ago. Both emphasize the single theme nature of the God's Word. Though the Bible is many books, it remains one story from beginning to end.

I hope you learn to appreciate parts of the Bible that you have never appreciated before. There are no unimportant parts of the Bible if it is God's Word. This doesn't mean that everything is equally important. Obviously John 3:16 is more important than Leviticus 3:16—unless y ...

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