by Fred Lowery

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Daniel Goes to Washington (2 of 10)
God's Word for tomorrow's News
Fred Lowery
1 John 3:1-2; Daniel 1:1; Daniel 11:1; Daniel 11:2; Daniel 1:2; Genesis 12:1; Daniel 1:3; Daniel 1:4
February 4, 2007

We are beginning this week the study of the book of Daniel and we will jump right into that book in a few minutes and look at two or three verses and take some time to get through the 12 chapters, but on Sunday mornings we'll try to do one chapter a week. I didn't make it this Sunday, but maybe next Sunday that will happen.
Today we talk about Daniel goes to Washington. I love Washington D.C. In fact, I took Leigh there on our honeymoon and also to New York City, two of my favorite cities. I love the beautiful buildings. I love the monuments. I love to see the words faith and freedom and God etched in stone. Aren't you glad our forefathers didn't put decals there, or signs or posters? They are etched in stone. This country, even though it wants to, is having trouble getting all that stuff removed. I loved going to the inauguration and to the President's prayer breakfast and to meetings at the White House or at the Senate office building or in the Senate majority leader's office at his conference table. I like looking at the pictures on the wall, the paintings and the photographs. But you know what I like best? When I'm in Washington and the President is in town, the thing I like best is watching him zip around town, watching the motorcycle cops and the Secret Service in the black Suburbans. I just like to see all of that happening, all that power and speed at one time. That's what I really like. And, if you want to know if I could do anything in Washington, if they would let me do anything I wanted to do, here's what I would like to do: I would like to climb aboard Marine One helicopter and go over to the base and get on Air Force One and take a little ride anywhere. The President doesn't have to be there. I just want to ride in his toys. ...

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