by Fred Lowery

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Are we Living in the Last Days (5 of 10)
God's Word for tomorrow's News
Fred Lowery
Daniel 2:31-49; Daniel 2:28; Luke 21:24; Daniel 5:28; Daniel 6:8; Isaiah 44:28; Revelation 13:1; Revelation 17:12; Isaiah 2:2; Joshua 8:30-31; Psalm 118:22-25; 1 Peter 2:6-8; Luke 12:29-34
February 25, 2007

Great song, great words, powerful words. We are in the book of Daniel and having a good time. A book that speaks to our time and our day. Remember last week we talked about King Nebuchadnezzar having this terrible dream, a dream that he knew was huge. That it involved deity, but he couldn't interpret that dream. And so he called on his wise men and they all let him down. Conventional wisdom was insufficient as is normally the case. So he's gonna have everybody killed. All his wise men murdered because they couldn't tell him the dream and then interpret it. And Daniel and his three friends had an all night prayer meeting. And God told Daniel I'll give you the dream and you can interpret it for the king. King Nebuchadnezzar was bigger than life. He had everything going for him. He was the world's greatest ruler. He'd put down all of his enemies. He was in charge of the world. He was in control and his chief god was Baal. Now he would bow to many gods but his chief god was Baal. But he encounters difficulties that his god is insufficient, too small he has little "g" gods. Have you ever thought about that, could you hit something in your life that your god is too small for. If you have little "g" gods then you are going to hit something that way. What about a mountain -- if a mountain came into your life that you couldn't climb over or tunnel through. What god would you turn to? Would your god be big enough? What happens when what you're trusting in doesn't work? And so many people are bowing down to little "g" gods. Success, materialism and a thousand other things. I can make it; I can handle whatever comes my way. Well Nebuchadnezzar had some ...

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