by Fred Lowery

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Stirred but not Changed (6 of 10)
God's Word for Tomorrow's News
Fred Lowery
Daniel 2:47; 3:1-6; Matthew 23:25-28; Romans 8:29; Acts 26:27-28; Mark 12:34; Acts 16:30; Mark 10:21-23; Acts 24:25-26; Matthew 7:21-23
March 4, 2007

We are in Daniel Chapter 3 and having a wonderful time in this wonderful book. Do you understand that everybody planning on going to heaven is not going to heaven? Expectations won't get you there. Read any survey and you will discover that the vast majority, we're talking about in the 90 percentile of Americans really believe they are going to end up in heaven. It's kind of interesting that Nicole's funeral, I didn't go, but the things that I heard different people saying that now she and her son are together in heaven. Go to any funeral and they are going to preach people into heaven it seems. Expectation has nothing to do with reality. I had a date with Laura Leigh, my five year old granddaughter a few weeks ago on a Friday evening and she wanted to go to Ralph and Kacoos. So we set it all up and I called my friend Eddy and I said, "I need some flowers because I got a date tonight." So, he fixed me up some daises and it had a butterfly on it and a little vase. I got Laura Leigh and I gave her the flowers and we went to Ralph and Kacoos. When we got there and as we were going to our seat she says, "I've been here before." I said, "Yea, we've been here several times as a family." So we sat down and she said, "Well, this is not what I expected." I said, "Well, what did you expect?" She said, "I was expected something a little more posh than this." She's five years old. I said, "Laura Leigh, this is a nice place." "Usually, over the years when you want to go to a nice place, you go to a place like Ralph and Kacoos. A lot of people come here." She said, "Well, it's not as posh as I thought it would be." I said, "What were you thinking about?" She said, "I was thinking about this big beautiful room with a chan ...

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