by Fred Lowery

The Land Of Pretty Soon
Fred Lowery

Several years ago I was, our church was in a revival meeting and it was during that week that I went into a home and shared the gospel with the husband of a wife that came to the church and he had never accepted Christ. So I shared the gospel with him as best I knew how and I could tell that God was speaking to his heart. I could sense the moving of God's spirit and I knew that the time was I thought God's timing. But he wouldn't make that decision and the excuses he gave he said, you know I'm working two jobs and we're making double house payments so we're going to get the house paid for and he said when I get the car paid for and the house paid for I'm gonna quit working so much and then I'm going settle down and I'm going to get in church. And I said well would you do me one favor, would you come to one service this week. He said I'll come Friday night. He came that Friday night, we had the service, we gave the invitation and I saw God moving. He was just, it was like he was holding on to the pew but he didn't come forward and that night as he walked out of the building I was standing at the door and I shook hands with him. I thanked him for coming and when he raised his head up to look at me I saw tears in his eyes and I said Freddie, are those tears in your eyes? Is God dealing with you? Do we just need to step back in the privacy and talk about this? And he looked at me and he said preacher, I'm close, I'm real close and pretty soon I'm going to make that decision and he walked away. Monday morning at two o'clock I got a phone call the phone call was that this young man, Freddie was killed on the interstate a car drunken drive on the wrong side of the interstate hit him head on. You know I've never gotten that picture out of my mind nor the picture of his wife as she would go to that cemetery every afternoon and hug that tombstone and ask God for five more minutes. So her husband could accept Christ. H ...

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