by Fred Lowery

What Does Easter Prove
Fred Lowery
Mark 15:37-39; Luke 24:1-6a; Matthew 27:62-66;

What is the big deal about Easter anyway? Why is it so important? What does Easter really prove? That's what we want to talk about today because today a billion people will celebrate Easter. The greatest day in the history of the world. And after 2000 plus years of critical examination and analysis we still have an empty tomb. Without any viable challenge at all. Three ministers were asked what they wanted said at their funeral. The first guy said he wanted them to say he put God first, others second and self last. The second guy said I want them to say he served God, he served his family and he served his church well. The third guy said I want them to say, look he's still moving. So we are here today because Jesus wouldn't stay dead he moved. He moved out of that tomb and into our world. And He moved into our hearts and into our lives and He is moving in this very room right now. So that is the huge difference between Christianity and every other religion in the world. Christianity stands alone. The other religions had great leaders and they died and stayed dead. Never to move again and you can go to their graves and you can see where the decayed bones lie and a monument. But you go to the grave of Christ and it is an empty tomb and there is no monument, it's a movement. Because Christ is alive and He has moved out of the tomb into our world never to be stopped again. One of these days when you come to a service and it is my funeral service and I'm in the casket and you look at me, I want you to know that I'm not there. I've already moved out and moved on. To a better place and that's what Christianity is all about and when I take my last breath of this air my very next breath is celestial air. The moment we leave this life we are in the presence of the Lord Jesus forever. No soul sleep no dark tunnel we move from here to there. So what does Easter pr ...

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