by Daniel Rodgers

The Changing Face Of America
Dan Rodgers
Deut. 32:18
July 1, 2007

INTRODUCTION: On this coming Wednesday, we will celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The date was July 4, 1776, when 13 colonies made the decision to declare their freedom from England. On that day, America became a free people and a free nation. We were now free from the tyranny of governmental control and over taxation. We became free to worship God according to the dictates of our hearts.
Instead of a monarchy, we established a form of government that put the power back into the hands of the people. The preamble to our Constitution begins; "We the People...." From the time we signed the Declaration of Independence, some 231 years ago, America became the greatest nation on earth...and I might add; it still is, even to this day.

However, over the years, the Face of America has changed--and unfortunately, not for the better. America is a civilization in rapid decline.

QUOTE: General Omar Bradley, who once served as the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, "America today is running on the momentum of a Godly ancestry, and when that momentum runs down, God help America."

Now I could stand here for the next thirty minutes and paint a gloomy picture of the condition of our nation; but rather than do that, I have decided to take us in a more positive direction. Yes, America is changing, and we are sorry to see that so many of the changes are not for the better; however, what I want to talk to you this morning about is three things that will never change--three things we can count on:

I. God's Unchanging Love
II. God's Unchanging Promises
III. God's Unchanging Plans


A. His Love for the Sinner

1. It's hard to imagine that God loves a sinner, and
yet, He does. You will remember in the book of Mark, the Pharisees and the scribes were puzzled that Jesus would sit down at a table and eat with sin ...

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