by Brad Whitt

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Matthew -- The Tax Collector's Change (8 of 13)
12 Men Who Changed The World
Brad Whitt
Luke 5:27-32/ Luke 15

INTRO: I want you to take your Bibles now this morning and be finding your place at Luke chapter 5 if you would. If you're our guest this morning, we have been in a series of character studies on the 12 ordinary men who were called, commissioned and changed by the Lord Jesus into the 12 extraordinary men that we know as the 12 disciples or the 12 apostles.

Up to this point in our series of studies we've looked at and learned from the lives of Simon Peter, his brother Andrew; the Sons of Thunder -- James and John. We've looked at the "show me disciple," Philip and his friend Nathanael Bartholomew. And, this morning as we continue in our study, I find it funny that since we've all just paid our dues to live in this great nation for another year that we come to the one who is perhaps the least likely of all of the men to have been chosen and changed by Jesus -- a tax collector by the name of Matthew. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be able to pay my taxes and live in this great nation of ours -- but I don't know about you, but I could be just as proud for half the price. Amen?

Now, of course, there are a lot of things that we could say about taxes and tax collectors, and just to be honest, after this past week, I don't know about you, but this could be a little bit of a catharsis for us. For example, somebody says, "Well, there are only two things in life that are for sure -- death and taxes." Sounds good, it's just not true. We could all be raptured this morning, and with the inheritance tax -- well, you get the point.

ILLUS: I like what one commentator said, "There is one big difference between death and taxes -- death doesn't get worse every time congress meets."

You know, if it weren't so serious, it would be funny, but this country was originally founded as a protest against taxation.

ILLUS: As one writer pu ...

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