by Brad Whitt

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James, the Son of Zebedee: A Faith That Shook The World (4 of 13)
12 Men Who Changed The World
Brad Whitt
Mark 3:13-17

INTRO: I want you to take God's Word now this morning and be finding your place at Mark chapter 3 if you would. This morning we are continuing in our series of studies on the 12 ordinary men that were called by Jesus to accomplish some very extraordinary things. And for those of you who are visiting with us this morning or perhaps you've just been out for a month, since the beginning of February we've been talking and studying about the 12 disciples or the 12 apostles.

And so, this morning, as we continue in our series of studies we are going to be looking at and learning about the person and the passion of a man by the name of "James, the son of Zebedee." I probably need to stop here for a moment and make a clarification. You see, there are three main characters in the New Testament who were named James. So, this wasn't the James who was the half-brother of Jesus, the James who wrote the letter that we now call the book of James, and who served as the pastor of the church in Jerusalem. Neither was he the other "James, the son of Alphaeus" who was also an apostle and most likely Matthew's brother. This was "James, the son of Zebedee."

Now, just to be honest, of the three men who were in Jesus' inner-circle, we probably know less about this man by the name of James than any of the others. Because as you study the Bible there are basically no explicit details of his life and personality; whenever he is mentioned in the gospels he's always tied together to his younger and better-known brother, John; and just to be honest, the only time that James is mentioned in the Bible by himself is when we are told that he was beheaded at the command of Herod Agrippa. (And even then he's referred to as John's brother.)

And yet, the times that we see (and - as you'll find out in a few moments -hear) James in the pages of scripture, ther ...

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