by Fred Lowery

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How To Get Up When You're Down (6 of 8)
If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
Fred Lowery
Matthew 11:28
June 3, 2007

All right we all fall down. No exceptions. The key is to get up. So we're going to talk about today, how to get up when you're down because all of us there if not a physical fall we fall emotionally or even we fall spiritually. The wise Dr. Seuss in his book "Oh the places you Go" talks about being down and in a slump and we just get in a slump. Here's what he writes. When you're in a slump you're not in for much fun because getting unslumped is not easily done and he's exactly right. Elijah the prophet got into a huge slump. In fact he got so down and discouraged that he even despaired of life. And amazingly it came after incredible success. I mean think about Elijah raised the dead son of a widow woman, that's an incredible miracle. And then he had this confrontation with this God of Baal on the mountain and he called down fire from heaven and then of course he asked God to send rain and the rain came. After miracle, after miracle, after miracle, success after success here is a man who is so down so discouraged even despairing of life. Here's an important point I want you to understand. Success sets us up to fall. We need to really be careful when things are going well in our lives because you see pride and self those things are always apart of any fall that we have. Whether it is spiritually or emotionally whatever self is big in that. So following success is when we are vulnerable and we need to be careful. In I Kings chapter 19 beginning with verse 2 so Jezebel, sweet precious woman of the Old Testament sent a messenger to Elijah to say may the God's deal with me be it ever so severely if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like one of them. Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. Now here is a man who just saw God use him to say to a dead boy come alive and the boy is alive. The same man who saw God send dow ...

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