by Fred Lowery

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How To Stop Whining And Starting Winning (5 of 8)
If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
Fred Lowery
Matthew 20:11-12
May 20, 2007

We are in a series called if it ain't one thing it's another and I know that you've had some experience with some of that in the last few weeks as we've talked about it. Last Sunday we talked about whining and we didn't get finished so we are going to talk about that a little more today. I just have a feeling that some of you have probably whined since last Sunday. I don't know that for a fact but probably. What we are asking you to do is go 21 days without whining and many of our people are wearing bracelets, if you weren't here last Sunday we'll have some bracelets out there you can get this morning but you wear that bracelet and you're making a commitment to not whine for 21 days and the moment you whine you've got to take that bracelet off and put it on the other arm and start back over to get 21 days. So I think, you know what I used to think that people who whined and complained did it because they had lots of problems. But, I've changed my mind. I think people whine and complain and because they whine and complain they have lots of problems. You see complaining and whining there's nothing good in it. It solves no problems. It makes no situation better. In fact what whining does it exaggerates everything, it exaggerates the negative. It amplifies frustration. It invites the devil into your mind and heart. That's what the Bible says it gives the devil an open door to come in. And it can be self fulfilling prophecy, in other words what you whine about can actually come upon you. That's what happened to the children of Israel. God got tired of their complaining and whining so what they were whining would happen to them did happen to them in self fulfilling prophecy. So what am I saying, I'm saying that if you're whining that's one of the reasons you're having the problems that you're having. It's just not smar ...

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