by Steve Wagers

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Children: The HOPE of the Home (2 of 5)
Extreme Home Makeover
Steve Wagers
Ephesians 6:1-4
May 20. 2007

Sermon Outline
1. A Great Responsibility!
A) A Guide to Stimulate their Behavior
B) A Goal to Motivate their Behavior
2. A Godly Requirement!
A) The Priority of It
B) The Purpose of It
3. A Glorious Reward!
A) The Quality of Life you will Enjoy
B) The Quantity of Life you can Expect

One of the most difficult tasks in today's world is the matter of parenting. Child-bearing may be easy; but, child-rearing is getting harder and harder.

I'm sure that many parents are like the lady who dragged her 5 children to the bus stop. The bus driver asked her, "Are those all yours, or is this a picnic." The exasperated mom said, "They're all mine, and it ain't no picnic!"

Other parents can relate to the mother who was asked about her wild child who had just entered 1st grade. She asked her, "Did Johnny cry when he went to school?" The mother said, "No, but his teacher did."

As we continue our series, Extreme Home Makeover, we come today to look at the important role of children in the home. Again, the home is the one thing most loved by God, and most hated by Satan. Thus, Satan has shifted his vehicle into overdrive to distract, defile and destroy our children, because they are the hope of every home.

Journalist Rowland Nethaway recently wrote an insightful article for the Cox News Service. He wrote, "Adults have always complained about their children, but today is a different matter. There have always been wild and rebellious kids who would go off track and do something wrong. But, they knew where the track was and what was wrong. Many of today's children don't seem to know right from wrong and many don't seem to care. Thus, children are robbing, maiming and killing on whims, with no pity or remorse." [1]

According to a 2004 Gallup poll, a great number of America's children are involved in inappropriate, immoral or even illeg ...

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