by Steve Wagers

An Act Gloriously Remembered
Steve Wagers
Mark 14:3-9
May 27, 2007

1. An Act Graciously Recorded!
A. What it Prophetically Represented
B. What it Personally Revealed
2. An Act Gladly Received!
A. Her Absolute Sincerity
B. Her Amazing Sacrifice
3. An Act Gloriously Remembered!
A. She Thanked Jesus with Her Appreciation
B. She Touched Jesus by Her Adoration

There was a rumor circulating in Washington some time ago that Osama Bin Laden had died and gone to Heaven. As the story goes, when he arrived in Paradise, Osama was greeted by George Washington who slapped him across the face and yelled, "How dare you attack the nation I helped conceive!" Patrick Henry then punched him in the nose and shouted, "You wanted to end America's liberty, but you failed!"

James Madison appeared, kicked him and said, "This is why I ordered the government to provide for the common defense." Bin Laden was subjected to similar beatings from James Randolph, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and 66 other early Americans.
As he writhed in pain on the ground, an angel appeared. Bin Laden said to the Angel, "This was not what I was promised." To which the angel replied, "I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you. What did you think I said?"

I read the other where Chelsea Clinton had interviewed some Marines just returning from Iraq. She asked one Marine, "What do you fear most?" He quickly answered, Osama, Obama and your Mama".

It's hard to believe, but 100 Years Ago:

The average life expectancy in the United States was 47.

Only 14 percent of the homes in the United States had a bathtub. Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.

There were only 8,000 cars in the US and only 144 miles of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.

The average wage in the U.S. was 22 cents an hour. The average U.S. worker made between $200 and $400 per year.

Ninety percent of all U.S. physicians had no college educa ...

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