by Roger Thomas

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Getting Your Head on Straight (3 of 6)
Romans 12: The Christian's Job Description
Roger Thomas
Romans 12:3-8

From my files of the world's worst jokes. I am sure you will agree this one qualifies! Two bikers were driving down the highway on a cold afternoon, one behind the other on the same motorcycle. "Man!" commented one, "It's FREEZING!!! And my coat won't zip up. The cold air is killing me!" The other biker thought for a minute as they sped down the road. "Well," he said at last, "You can turn your jacket around, then the open side would be at the back. You wouldn't get so cold that way."

"Great idea!" commented the other. "Stop and let me switch." The driver pulled over, and the passenger put his jacket on backwards. "There!" he said when he had completed the switch, "I feel better already."

The two of them climbed back on the Motorcycle and drove off. Then suddenly they hit a patch of ice on the road, spun off and crashed. A few minutes later a crowd had gathered. When the ambulance arrived, one of the EMTs shouted out "Is anybody hurt?"

One guy from the crowd replied "Well, the driver was dead when I got here, but the other guy was doing all right until we tried to put his head on straight."

Our Scripture today is about getting your head on straight. Or maybe more correctly about straightening out wrong-headed thinking. Whatever you call it, the theme flows directly out of Romans 12.

We are in the midst of a several week journey through this marvelous chapter of the Bible. I am calling this series of messages "The Christian's Job Description" because this passage of Scripture more than any other in the Bible concisely summarizes the qualities and characteristics of the Christian way of life. The chapter starts with motive. We live as Christians because of our overflowing gratitude for God's mercy. Our response is a 24/7 life of devotion to the Lord, devotion that should touch every area of life—inside and outside. No ...

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