by Roger Thomas

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Church: A User's Guide
Roger Thomas
Acts 2:36-42

I did something really radical this week. I know you will think I'm strange, especially you guys. After owning it for nearly three years, I finally got out the user's guide for my laptop computer. I had it all along. I had just never bothered to look at it. You know, there is some interesting stuff in there! It made me wonder why I hadn't looked at it a lot sooner. User's guides can come in quite handy—and for more than just something to set your coffee cup on while using the computer.

This strange and unusual experience set me to wondering why church doesn't come with a user's guide. Wouldn't it be interesting if we had a little handy, dandy manual that provided information about everything we needed to know when we became Christians or maybe when we started attending church on a regular basis? The manual might tell us how to do certain things. Or maybe, it might just describe the various parts and pieces that we are likely to come into contact with.

Never fear! I have decided to solve that problem. For the next four weeks, I am going to provide you with the first chapter of a user's guide for church. I will to start with what is most people's first experience of church—the worship service. Eventually, we will probably come back to this theme from time to time and add other topics to our user's guide. But I want to start here. In my next four Bible messages I want to describe and explain four of the most prominent features of a typical worship service as you experience it here week in and week out.

I am not making a case for why you ought to go to church. That's for another day. I simply want to walk you through four prominent parts of our worship gathering. For some this will be a beginning introduction. For most, it will be a reminder. But even for the veteran users among us, I suspect you might learn a thing or two—just like I did about my c ...

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