by Ernest Easley

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Who is Jesus Christ? (7 of 11)
Ernest Easley
Philippians 2.5-11
April 22, 2007

Let me tell you why I am excited about our Sunday night studies of the book of Philippians: because of what I see missing in the life of the average Christian! And because of what's missing ... we're not maximizing our lives for Christ!
So what's missing? J O Y! I see a lot of fretting and worrying, but not a lot of joy! I see a lot of misery... but not a lot of joy!
We need to learn what Paul learned and that is the secret to joy! We need more JOY FOR THE JOURNEY! And that is what the book of Philippians is all about. And my hope and prayer for you as we study the book of Philippians is that you can experience the joy God longs to give you for the journey!
Remember .. joy comes from the inside, not the outside. Joy is not linked to the circumstances of your life .. but rather .. it is linked to Christ in you! Hey folks .. life doesn't have to rob us of joy .. not with Christ in us!
Now tonight we come to chapter 2.5. Paul's been talking about the importance of our unity! How we need to possess a spirit of humility. 2.3-4, "Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself."
Now I don't know about you .. but that's not my tendency. Ernest Easley doesn't wake up each morning thinking, "All right .. what I'm going to do today will not be done out of selfish ambition or conceit .. in fact .. I'm looking forward to "esteem others better than me."
In case you haven't discovered this yet .. you will: knowing and following Jesus is not living the self-centered life .. it's living the self-surrendered life. The favorite words of the self-centered are "Me .. My .. and Mine." The 3 Big "M's." I don't know anything that will rob us of joy any faster that the self-centered life. And the tragedy is that what the self-centered person wants the most .. they never get.

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