by Ernest Easley

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Revival in Nineveh! (4 of 5)
Ernest Easley
Jonah 3.1-10
May 6, 2007

What an exciting day in the history of our church! It's not every day that we have the opportunity to dedicate a new building on our campus. But that is exactly what we're going to do this afternoon.
At noon .. we're going to head down to the parking deck area for barbeque lunch. Then we'll walk over to the new Multi Purpose building for a short program and then we're going to dedicate that building to God!
We're going to hear from Caz McCaslin .. who grew up here and who founded "Upward Basketball." He's going to share with us what we can anticipate in the near future by including "Upward Basketball" in our Ministry Plan. And on behalf of hundreds of children and families that will be reached for Christ in the coming days through our new building ... thank you for your giving that has made it all possible.
Now look with me to the Old Testament book of Jonah! All of us can identify with the prophet Jonah ... can't we? For instance: he had spiritual and physical struggles. He had a rebellious streak. He disobeyed the word of God! He even tried running from God! He received a second chance from God.
In fact .. we can identify with Jonah in every chapter of his book. For instance .. in chapter 1 he is running from God. In chapter 2 he is running to God. In chapter 3 he is running with God. And in chapter 4 he is running ahead of God.
Now today we move into chapter 3. Now that's the chapter God longs for us to not only move into .. but to live in: running with Him.
Now we have learned from Jonah what a mess we cause when we run from God! He put those closest to him in great danger and so do we when we run from God!
One thing God has used over the years in my life to motivate and inspire me to run with Him is my family. In fact .. the greatest thing any Father or Mother can do for their family is to run with God!
That's what we find in ...

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