by Ernest Easley

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The Wind of God (2 of 5)
Ernest Easley
Jonah 1.4-10
April 22, 2007

Now take God's word and turn with me to the Old Testament book of Jonah. Now you talk about a practical book! Everybody can find themselves in one of the four chapters of Jonah.
Chapter 1 describes those who are running from God. Now you talk about LIFE ON THE RUN. Do you remember the Television show "The Fugitive?" David Janssen who portrayed Dr. Richard Kimble .. was a medical doctor who had been falsely convicted of killing his wife. He was sentenced to prison but somehow escaped.
His goal was to find the one-armed man that was seen leaving the crime scene. In every show ... he would almost get caught by the police .. yet he would always escape and continue his life on the run.
Well ... there are a lot of people today just like Dr. Kimble: living on the run and a lot of them are church-goers .. yet like the prophet Jonah ... they are running from God!
Last week I was visiting with a waitress while eating lunch .. about her relationship with God. I then invited her to come to worship. I told her that I was preaching about Jonah who was running from God. She looked down at the floor and said, "That's me. I am running from God."
Do you know why there is such a great need for revival to sweep across every member of every bible believing church in America? Because way too many church members are living on the run .. running from God! Running from His Word! Running from His Will! Running from repentance! Running from God!
So .. chapter 1 is about: Running from God. But then .. some of you are living in chapter 2: Running to God! And I pray that will be the direction you start to head. Now get this .. of all the chapters of Jonah .. chapter 3 is where I want to live! Chapter 1: running from God. Chapter 2: running to God. Chapter 3: Running with God!
Better than running from God and running to God .. is running with God! And then in chap ...

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