by Ernest Easley

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Marriage & Mentoring (3 of 3)
M&M's: Sweetening Up our Family Life
Ernest Easley
1 Samuel 2-3
July 17, 2007

Now as we conclude our series of messages M&M's: Sweetening Up our Family Life ... look with me to the Old Testament book of 1st Samuel. For several weeks .. we've been learning from God's Word how to sweeten up and straighten up and strengthen our families by considering some of the Bible's M&M's.
The first M&M was Marriage & Money. The second M&M was Marriage & Mates. Last time together we learned some things about Marriage & Morality.
Now today as we conclude our M&M's series .. we come to the fourth M&M: Marriage & Mentoring. And let me say to our Fathers on this Father's Day .. the greatest thing you can do for your children is to point them to Jesus! Now you cannot point them to Jesus until you first know Jesus!
They need to SEE the difference Jesus makes in your life. Model the saved life before your children .. but don't stop there! Your children need more than a Model .. they need a Mentor! They need you to counsel and teach them how to live for God.
Now I can hear somebody say, "I thought that was the job of the church; to counsel and teach my children about God and how to live for Him." I don't know where you got that idea .. but you didn't get it from the Bible!
Deut 6.5-7, says that parents are to diligently teach God's word to your children! Yes, the church gathers to under gird what you're teaching at home .. but it begins and end with you Dad .. with you Mother.
Now look with me to the book of 1 Samuel where we find the account of a man named Eli. His family perhaps was similar to yours. Eli was a faithful man. Even his name tells us that for the name "Eli" means "Jehovah, my God." He had a duel responsibility at the church as both priest and judge.
But not only was he a faithful man .. he was also a family man. He had two sons who grew up to be priest like their daddy. But there was something wrong in ...

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