by Ernest Easley

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Marriage & Morality (2 of 3)
M&M's: Sweetening Up our Family Life
Ernest Easley
Hebrews 13.4
June 10, 2007

We are learning these days from God's Word how to sweetening up our family life. Every home could use some sweetening up .. including yours! And that's our hope these days! That God will use these four messages we're simply calling M&M's: to not only sweeten up .. but to straighten up and strengthen our families!
Now the last two times together .. you were given a package of M&M on the way out .. not to eat .. but to hand to somebody inviting them to worship and to learn how to sweeten up their family life. Let's try this one more time. Now you be honest. How many of you ate your M&M's? How many of you gave them to somebody inviting them to worship?
You are never more like Jesus than when you reach out to others. I'm not sure what that says about those of you who ATE your M&M's! It may just say that you've got a sweet tooth!
Well .. let me remind you of the first two M&M's that we've .. not consumed but considered! Let's see how well you've been listening
The first M&M: Marriage & Money! And do you remember the bible principles we discovered? The principle of OWNERSHIP. That God owns everything making every spending decision a spiritual decision. The principle of STEWARDSHIP. The question we need to start asking is not, "Lord, what do you want me to do with MY money?" But rather, "Lord, what do you want me to do with YOUR money?" You and I are not owners of anything but we are stewards of everything. And one of these days .. as stewards . we're going to give an account to the owner of what we did with that which was under our guardianship.
OWNERSHIP .. STEWARDSHIP .. and finally the principle of PARTNERSHIP. That in marriage .. we have at least a 3-fold partnership. We have a partnership with our SPOUSE in making and managing money. We have a partnership with the SAINTS in ministry and missions. And of course we have a ...

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