by Ernest Easley

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Marriage & Mates (1 of 3)
M&M's: Sweetening Up our Family Life
Ernest Easley
Genesis 2.21-24
June 3, 2007

Today .. we are continuing our series of messages: M&M's: Sweetening up our Family Life. Every home could use some sweetening up .. including yours! And it's my prayer that God will use these messages to not only help sweeten up .. but to straighten up and strengthen our families.
Now last time together you were given a package of M&M's to hand to somebody during the week inviting them to worship today. Now you be honest .. how many of you ate your M&M's? How many of you gave them to somebody this week inviting them to come to worship?
Well .. we're going to give you another chance today. As long as they last .. you can get another package FOR THE PURPOSE OF INVITING SOMEBODY TO COME NEXT SUNDAY!
Now last time together we considered the first M&M: Marriage & Money where we considered three Bible principles:
*the Principle of OWNERSHIP. That God owns everything making every spending decision a spiritual decision.
*the Principle of STEWARDSHIP. That the question is not, "Lord, how do You want me to spend MY money?" but rather "Lord, how do You want me to spend YOUR money?" Nowhere do you find where God has transferred ownership to you. He owns it all and we are to manage what He has placed in our guardianship.
*the Principle of PARTNERSHIP. That we're in partnership with our Spouse in making and managing money ... with the Saints in ministry and missions .. and with the Savior to get the gospel out across the streets .. states and seas!
Now today we're considering the second M&M: Marriage and Mates. And I don't know a better place to begin than with the first couple and I'm not talking about George and Laura .. I'm talking about Adam and Eve.
Take your Bible and turn to the book of beginning .. the book of Genesis chapter 2 as we consider the second of four M&M's:
Marriage & Mates
Genesis 2.21-24
"And the LORD God c ...

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