by Jerry Branch

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The Control Factor (11 of 11)
Friend of God
Jerry Branch
Genesis 22
v. 1-2...
God tests Abraham. Most of us don't like tests.
In fact, most of us would rather take a whipping than take a test,
but in reality, we are tested everyday...tests are a fact of life.
And I suppose our definitions of tests would vary
depending upon whether we are students or teachers.
Teachers would probably tell us that a test is a ‘measuring tool,' to show
what the student has learned
and to also give feedback to the teacher as to
how effective the teaching methods were.
Students would probably say tests are harassing tools.
It's all in perspective.
But let's look at Abraham, because he is getting ready to undergo a test from God.
Abraham had been growing in his faith, and all along the way,
God was using life experiences and tests to measure
as well as teach Abraham to trust God and to rely upon Him.
So now we come to what we call the ‘Summa'...or the grand test...
the really big one...and how will Abraham respond?
Will he believe god and Trust Him,
or will Abraham try to find his own solution out of his own abilities
and try to control this situation to work out as he wants it to.
The big question that was going to be answered by this test, was this...
'had Abraham come to the place in his life
where he really believed that God was in control
and that God would provide,
or did Abraham still think that ‘he' had to be in control?
You see, folks, the ‘who' is in control of our lives, says
whether or not we've really submitted and humbled ourselves to God.
This is where what we do and how we respond
says whether or not we are ‘walking' the ‘talk' or just ‘talking' the walk,.
Question: have you turned your life totally over to God?
Or are you still wrestling with God over who has
his or her hand on the steering wheel of your life?
Who or What has the control in YOUR life?
v. 3 says it all. ...

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