by Jerry Branch

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Abraham, the Power of Intercession (9 of 11)
Friend of God
Jerry Branch
Genesis 17, 18

These two chapters have much to say
about God's promise to Abraham,
about worship,
about faith,
about intercession,
and about God's righteousness and justice,
and His wrath against sin.
But today, I want us to focus in on the power of intercession,
and what it takes to be powerful in our own prayer intercessions.
God tells us in James 5:16, that the prayer of
the righteous person accomplishes much.
So focusing in on the intercession of Abraham,
we need to also see a couple things.
The first is found in verse 2:
"When he lifted up his eyes and looked, behold, three men were standing opposite him; and when he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them and bowed himself to the earth," (Genesis 18:2, NASB95)
Abraham was a man who worshipped.
Once again, we find him ‘bowing to God' by being humble and reverent...
he bows down to the earth when the ‘three men' were opposite him.
Application: the righteous man or woman,
is a ‘worshiping person' just like Abraham.
Here is something also,...
one of those men who appear to him is none other than the Lord, Himself. We know that they weren't all angels from God,
because every time an angel appeared to a person,
the angel always told the person to NOT bow to them,
because the angels were not God.
On the other hand, every time that the Lord, Himself, Jesus Christ,
appeared to someone, they were NOT told NOT to bow or worship...
the reason being is that God is the only One worthy of our worship.
So one of these three who appeared, is in fact God.
In fact, in verse 3, Abraham addresses Him as my Lord,
the Hebrew word, ?????? adon (Adoni) meaning "Lord",
which is a reference to God.
Abraham KNEW and RECOGNIZED God...
he had a relationship with Him.
God wasn't just a ‘casual acquaintance' to Abraham.
And then Jesus says ...

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