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Jerry Branch
Genesis 17

Let's start by reading this chapter this morning.
READ: Gen 17
As we look at this passage, it really helps knowing
how the passage is laid out and the progressions in Abram's life.
So, let's go to the NEW Testament
and hear the words of the Apostle Paul
in Romans 4:1-25,
Ok...let's start to pull this together.
What do we see?
We see that,
this covenant which Abram receives from God
was not what saved Abram, was it?
Instead it was Abram's FAITH that accounted him righteous.
God didn't say ‘this covenant I make with you accounts you righteousness.'
That means that Abram's salvation did not come from
anything thing he did...
his salvation had nothing to do with an outward sign...
it had nothing to do with some outward work...
That means that even Abram's OBEDIENT act of Circumcision
did not save him...
Paul tells us in Romans 4:10-11
that Abram was already accounted righteous
while he was still UNCIRCUMSIZED (as seen in Rom 4:11).
The Biblical truth then that applies to people to day then is:
It's NOT a church ordinance that saves us.
It's not taking communion that saves,
it's not being the member of the ‘right church' that saves,
it's not speaking in tongues that saves or is a sign of salvation,
it's NOT how many people you lead to Jesus,
it's NOT being christened that saves us,
nor is it being baptized after confessing Christ that saves...

Just like Abraham, you and I are saved by faith in
Jesus Christ and faith in Him only.
We have salvation ONLY in the Name of Jesus Christ
Who shed His Blood for our sin.
Faith in Christ saves.
I didn't say, ‘belief' in Jesus saves, because even the Devil believes in Jesus. It's is FAITH. There is a big difference.

Now, let's look at the key passages :
First, Abram is 99 years old...
he's been in the land now 24 years,
and it ...

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