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Jerry Branch

" After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: "Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward."" (Genesis 15:1, NIV)
Man, that phrase takes in a lot, doesn't it?
How many times have you or I heard that one?
"After this"...
like, now that you studied the road laws and practiced parallel parking,
and got it down, and you went to the Driver's License Office
and passed your test, you got your license and,
after that you could drive a car, legally.
"After this"...
like after going to high school and maybe then on to college,
and completing your degree program,
you got a sheet of paper that said you had met the requirements,
and now you were ready for what lay ahead in your chosen profession.
So, "After this" an important phrase.
And here in the passage we're in this morning,
the "After This" is reminding us that we need
to remember ‘what went before'.
Think back with me about Abram's life.
Abram had been walking with the Lord now for some years.
He had answered God's call to leave his home in Ur.
He had traveled about a thousand miles on foot, and settled in a new land.
He was forced by a famine to leave that land and go to Egypt.
There he learned the price of lying, but even in his lie,
he learned that God was protecting him.
He traveled back to the land God had taken him to, and settled once again,
but there he learned about how to be humble
and gave Lot the first choice of the land in order to be a peacemaker.
And then Abram had to go rescue his nephew from
the four kings who sacked Sodom and hauled
Lot and his family and his possessions off.
And you'll remember that something really big happened after this...
the priest to God, Melchizedek, comes out and blesses Abram,
and Abram, worships God through the giving of his tithe...
it's important to remember that thi ...

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