by Stan Coffey

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Restoring the Backslider (3 of 9)
Series: The Ministry of Restoration
Stan Coffey
Proverbs 14:14

We've Been talking about the subject of restoration. I believe God is in the restoration business. God wants to restore marriages. God wants to restore His people. God wants to restore joy and power and peace. God is a restoring kind of God.

No matter where you are spiritually, no matter how far you may be away from where you think you should be, the Lord is in the restoration business.

Last Sunday I said that the word "restore" means to mend, as to mend a broken bone -- put that bone back into place and allow that bone to mend. Jesus is in the business of mending broken lives.

The Bible teaches us that the only time He can really use us is when we've been broken. He mends us and puts us back together again.

I asked you to think, last Sunday, about someone who perhaps used to be on fire for God, who used to be in the service of God, who used to love God with all their heart and now they had fallen. I asked you to begin to pray for someone like that

and seek to restore that person and do it humbly and do it gently and do it sympathetically. We don't want to shoot the broken brother. We don't want to criticize the broken brother. We don't want to ridicule the broken bother. But we want to lift up the broken brother.

I want to speak to you again this morning on that theme. I want to talk to you about another kind of broken brother. You can't recognize this kind of broken brother because he's sitting here among us this morning. He may be in the choir

or the orchestra. He may be teaching a Sunday school class. He may be preaching from the pulpit. This could be any one of us but he too needs restoration. The Bible calls this the sin of backsliding.

I want us to see what the wisest man in all the Bible said about backsliding and I want us to think about restoring the backslider.

You are going to be amazed in just a ...

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