by Stan Coffey

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The Blessing of Brokenness (4 of 4)
Series: Family First
Stan Coffey
Jeremiah 18:1

This morning I invite your attention to Jeremiah 18:1. Today we are going to talk about ''The Blessing of Brokenness''. Men throw away broken things but God only uses things that are broken. You can go to a junk yard or to an antique store and see things that became old or useless to the owners and cast aside. So, man many times casts things aside when they become useless or broken. But God uses broken things.

There is a blessing if you are broken this morning. Some may be broken physically today. Your health is broken. Every Sunday I know that there are many of us who can say we are broken in our health. There are others today who can say I am broken spiritually. I am out of contact with God. There was a time when I could pray and know that God heard me. There was a time when I could witness and know that other people would receive Christ as Savior. There was a time when I heard the gospel my eyes would be filled with tears and my heart would be filled with joy, but now my heart is cold. And I am broken spiritually.

The Bible says every one of us is broken spiritually when it comes to salvation, that everyone of us has sinned and come short of the glory of God and outside of the cross of Jesus, outside of the blood of Jesus is the only way we can be mended again and be made whole. Satan came into this world and as a result our whole world is broken. And that is why we have hurricanes, thousands and thousands of people dying in genocide, famines, and earthquakes. We have a world that is broken and needs to be fixed. And only God can heal a broken world.

Maybe today there is a home that is broken, a marriage that is broken. And God speaks to you and He says today I can make your marriage again. I can make your home new. I can be something new in your life far beyond you every dreamed. It is never too late for God.

Jeremiah 18:1-6 (HCS) ''[This is] the word that came ...

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