by Stan Coffey

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The Kind of Wife Every Husband Needs (3 of 4)
Family First
Stan Coffey

Today I want to talk to the wives, the women. And all I can say is that all of you wives and women are perfect! So we just need to go on to something else, you know. But we are going to talk about "The Kind of Wife Every Husband Needs". These are general kinds of things. They apply to different degrees at different stages/ages in your life. So you will have to keep that in mind whether you are just married or married a while or married a long, long time. And see how they apply to you. But all of these will apply to all women.

I Corinthians 7:3 (NIV) "The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband."

The Good News Translation of this verse reads like this -- "a man should fulfill his duty as a husband and a wife should fulfill her duty as a wife and each should satisfy the other's needs."

So much has been written today on this subject. There are so many resources but many times we just have to be reminded about the things we already know. And that is how I feel about this message today. I am reminded of a study done by Dr. Holly, a renowned psychologist. He directs a network of mental health clinics all across America. During the last twenty-five years he has interviewed and counseled literally hundreds of couples. And he has discovered what he believes are the basic needs of a man and the basic needs of a woman.

Some of these needs are more concentrated of course in men. Others are more concentrated in women. But the Bible speaks to all of these needs. Again the Word of God is our basic manual for life. Whether we are talking about salvation or whether we are talking about loving one another and living in our home, the Bible is the basic. The basic needs of husbands and wives are not the same. And one of the reasons we have conflict is sometimes one mate will feel like her basic needs are the same as mine. ...

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