by John Barnett

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David: The Miracle of Complete Forgiveness (23 of 49)
Series: Discovering David's Spiritual Secret
John Barnett
Psalm 32

Have you ever wondered secretly in the back of your mind if you could be completely forgiven of all your sins? I mean the really bad ones that most or nearly all people don't know about?


What makes complete forgiveness seem even more impossible is if you are someone most people would never even dream of having any kind of struggle with sin. Former drug addicts have a pass, right? They were bad, got saved and are all set. Same for the former alcoholics, the former sexual sinners—but what about ‘church going, raised in Christian homes, never really into anything bad' people? What if they fall head long into sin. Other people wonder, are they even saved? Can they be really sure that they are completely forgiven?

That is exactly where David was just before Psalm 32. He has been a living testimony to the grace of God.

As a young shepherd boy he had told the world that he was going to live a pure life (Psalm 132) remember those disciplines he had committed to?
? God ahead of comforts v.3
? Devotions were a holy habit v.4
? Time for God was a priority v.5
? Longing for God was genuine v. 6-7
? He was going to stay pure v.9

Then as he became king of Israel he had laid out his plan for integrity that had become his personal operating system. That was probably the background for his words in Psalm 101. Remember them?
? He was personally committed to a non-hypocritical life of integrity v.1-2
? He made a strong personal pact of purity v.3a
? He wanted to never allow any build up of sin in his life v.3b
? He chose to limit his exposure to sin v.4-5
? He had chosen to only hold to proper heroes v.6-7
? He was following a pattern of regularly cleaning out anything displeasing to the Lord v.8

But as wonderful as all those personal, private, and public choices may have been—he had drifted away and gotten out ...

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